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Digilab Identity Raman Plate Reader enables high throughput sample measurement into microtiter plates or slides. Work with liquid, solid or complex solutions. Produces fast, accurate measurements, generally within a few seconds. Minimizes the interference of water, making it ideal for the analysis of aqueous solutions. Discover the ease and efficiency of Raman Spectroscopy!


Digilab provides imaginative, value-adding solutions for scientific discovery in Life Science, Analytical Chemistry and Diagnostic markets.


  • Wide range of sample preparation & liquid handling tools & technology

  • Innovative sample identification tools including a family of imaging &

     spectroscopy products


Digilab’s differentiated products and services, produced from its rich technology base, provide a portfolio of applications that currently serve thousands of customers worldwide.


Digilab signs distribution agreement with Zyomic Technologies for Zyomic to distribute Digilab products in N. America.


The scientists at Digilab have a wealth of genomic, protein analysis and nano-liter dispensing application-based expertise that they would like to share with you.

Whether you are involved in the life science or biotechnology research community, our products will enable you to perform complex, high volume experiments at a lower cost and in less time than traditional techniques. You achieve rapid and less expensive drug discovery.

Digilab opens demo lab at Northeastern University in Boston, MA.

Digilab partners with Open-Photonics to further develop Raman spectroscopy product offerings

Digilab Partners with Repco for Repco to offer 3rd party service on Digilab products in the USA